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Merry Christmas from Natural News and the Health Ranger

Wednesday, December 25, 2019 by

Somehow, we all made it to Christmas Day! The nation is still standing, the San Andreas fault hasn’t exploded (yet) and the global debt pyramid, as rickety as it stands, is still holding up.

That alone is something to celebrate, since collapse seems imminent on so many fronts. Yet here at Natural News, we have structured our operations to survive almost any collapse. And thanks to your support, we’ve even been able to expand with new projects such as the upcoming Webseed.com search engine that indexes sites covering holistic medicine, vaccines, fluoride, 5G, chemtrails, GMOs and more.

I’ve recorded a Christmas Day podcast to thank you for your support and describe some of what’s coming from Natural News in 2020. Give it a listen at Brighteon.com:


What’s ahead for 2020?

2020 is shaping up to be a hugely exciting year on many fronts. Some of the big questions on my mind include:

Can the Fed keep the stock market illusion propped up through the November election?

How insane will Leftists go when Democrats lose again, and liberals realize they have to live with four more years of Trump?

Who will be criminally indicted and prosecuted by the DOJ when William Barr finally takes action on the Durham investigation?

What level of false flag events will the deep state attempt to carry out in order to try to assassinate Trump or ignite a civil war?

Will the many volcanoes and earthquakes that are currently rumbling finally blow in 2020?

What’s going to happen with all the banking outages and power grid failures that seem to be accelerating?

What’s with all the weird sounds in the sky, and the weird humming noises people are reporting all over the world?

These are just some of the really big questions we’ll all be facing in 2020. The good news? We’ll be facing this together, and Natural News will be here to help you navigate our twisted world, even as it all falls apart.

Stay tuned to Natural News for a truly historic 2020 that will be like nothing any of us have ever lived through before.

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