Health Ranger talks food and natural health freedom with NewsmaxTV host Wayne Allen Root

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Natural News founder Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, appeared on recently on NewsmaxTV’s Wayne Allen Root show to discuss a number of pressing topics including food and natural health freedom, liberty, and support for…

“We are all about freedom, health freedom, and at the same time, national freedom,” Adams began.

“You know, I’m a Trump supporter, I’m a patriot, and I believe in the Constitution,” he continued, noting that it is imperative for Americans to believe in our founding document as well if they are at all concerned about having our food and health freedoms restricted or, worse, banned by big government and Big Pharma.

“I want people to be free from being a slave of the pharmaceutical industry or being stuck in a cycle of disease, because the answers are out there,” he said, noting that Natural News writers and researchers scan more than 1,300 medical and science journals daily to bring readers the most up-to-date news and information on a wide range of topics.

Root noted the irony of living in a country — America — which was founded on the principle of self-rule and individual freedom but today places so many restrictions on citizens’ ability to make their own choices when it comes to their health, the foods they eat, and the lifestyle choices they want to make.

“Vitamins don’t kill anybody,” Root said. “If five people a year died from vitamins, I’d be shocked. And yet drug and doctor mistakes kill, what, 150,000 people a year? And yet, the ones [the government] persecute are the vitamins and not the doctors and not the drug companies and not the Big Pharmas.”

Adams agreed, noting that due to the opioid epidemic, tens of thousands of Americans are dying each year, while other ‘mainstream’ medical mistakes claim thousands more lives.

Food and health freedom is the only way out of the medical culture of death

Meanwhile, 2020 Democratic presidential contenders, as well as most Democrats in Congress, want to expand government control over our healthcare, not reduce it. As The National Sentinel reported, the last Democrat healthcare experiment that backfired big time was Obamacare, which gave Washington and state bureaucrats more control than ever before, with lousy results:

Wait times in E.R.s are still high; monthly premiums and deductibles are both higher; and healthcare costs have grown; and still not all Americans are covered by a health plan — all things that Democrats promised us Obamacare would “fix.” Amazingly, many Democrats ran on and won 2018 races complaining about the healthcare breakdown in the U.S. that their party created.

Adams, author of the No. 1 Amazon science bestseller Food Forensics, says that’s the wrong way to go. What’s more, the current medical system, to which a “Medicare for All” system being pushed by Democrats and big government statists in D.C. would tie the entire country, is killing hundreds of thousands of Americans per year. (Related: Medical Mafia, insurance racket and Obamacare collaborate to control health, public ignorance and profits.)

“Accidental deaths in hospitals combined with medical mistakes kill, according to some research, as many as 200,000 American a year,” Adams said. “So we’re talking about massive death — larger than the casualties in the Vietnam War, happening every year.”

The Health Ranger also noted that most deaths that occur from non-sanctioned substances like steroids are minuscule in comparison — and again, he reminded listeners, those are banned.

Deaths from “off-the-shelf supplements and things like that are basically zero,” he said. 

Root said he’s been shopping for and eating wholesome, organic foods and taking vitamin supplements most of his life “and I’ve always been healthy.” But, he said, the mainstream medical community “want to fill you with pills, drugs, drugs, drugs.”

What’s more, despite rule changes to the ways in which Big Pharma can market to physicians, they continue to “bribe” them anyway. 

See the full interview here. 

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